Flathead Indian Reservation fire danger level moderate but increasing

RONAN – Officials in the Fire Division want to educate the public about the fire danger of the Confederate Salish and Kootenai tribes. The fire danger on the Flathead Indian reservations is moderate, but very close to high, particularly on the west side of the reserve. The permit debris burning will close for the fire season on Wednesday, June 30.

Meteorologists predict hot and dry conditions by the end of the week with temperatures as high as 90 across the region. Due to the increasing fire danger and changing conditions during this fire season, the public should be extra careful with campfires and fireworks. Produce one less spark by making sure your campfire is cool to the touch before leaving it at any time of the day or night by drowning it with water and stirring it to expose residual heat. Have water and hand tools available on site when you have a campfire. The CSKT Fire Division also wishes to remind the public that fireworks are prohibited on all classified forests in the state and the federal government. As warm weather is forecast, the grasses will dry out quickly and increase the potential for starting fires.

Night and morning patrols at area campgrounds and popular recreation sites revealed that the vast majority of campers follow fire safety practices with campfires or charcoal fires. The firefighters in the region would like to thank those who paid attention to fire safety.

Please do your part so that there is one less spark to following your outdoor activities in the heat of the afternoon.

  1. Mow or hay tall grass where the blade may strike a rock
  2. Sparkling safety chains on the road when towing a trailer
  3. Failure to have a spark arrester in the exhaust system of your equipment in grassy areas

If a small fire turns into a real wildfire, it could result in arson charges, fines and even the bill for all fire suppression costs.

Considerable effort is devoted to prevention programs and information campaigns. Officials in the Fire Division want to stop man-made fires during this fire season.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, please contact the Fire Division at 406-676-2550, or CT Camel, Prevention Specialist, at 406-676-2550 ext. 6407 or [email protected]

Nohemi M. Moore