Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy says Native Americans are alcoholics clinging to government

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy claimed Wednesday night that Native American struggles had “everything to do with government addiction” and “alcoholism.”

His colleague Jesse Watters, meanwhile, complained that the Liberals are simply trying to “paint them as victims” and will try “to send more slush funds to the reserves”.

Appearing on Fox News in prime time alongside her husband, Sean Duffy, another cast member on MTV The real world, Campos-Duffy first took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris for saying America should face its “shameful past” while recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day. The vice president also said that European explorers such as Christopher Columbus “unleashed a wave of devastation for tribal nations, perpetrating violence, stealing land and spreading disease.”

“Christopher Columbus, by the way, is the first victim of cancel culture,” Campos-Duffy grumbled, adding that Native Americans “were just as brutal” as Columbus and other European colonizers.

“We know they actually had slaves, including African American slaves, they conquered tribes after Columbus,” the conservative Fox News personality continued. “If we want to apply modern standards, we have to apply them on both sides.”

After Watters agreed that there was “an incredible amount of atrocities” committed by tribal nations, Campos-Duffy’s wife argued that liberals should also judge Native Americans on their past.

“They burned villages, raped women, seized children, took people they defeated, took their land, scalped people,” the former Republican congressman said. “It was a horrible time all over the world. But they want to apply the ‘woke’ standard they have today on Christopher Columbus, but no one else in the world!”

Duffy also alleged that criticizing Columbus was part of a liberal plot to “get the American people to hate our foundation” so that they “could infiltrate their socialism and remake this country some kind of Venezuelan state by bankruptcy”.

Campos-Duffy had one more thing to add.

“And the lie is not just about our past,” said the Fox and friends weekend the host said. “The real lie is about the conditions of Native Americans right now. The conditions of Native Americans have everything to do with government dependency, cycles of poverty and alcoholism, and family breakdowns, and those are things Democrats don’t want to talk about.

In addition to painting the Native American community with a broad, stereotypical brush — excusing her and saying she and her spouse have tribal family members — Campos-Duffy also claimed Democrats tell Native Americans that “all things you live have to do with white people and racism in the past.

“No, it also has to do with government policies,” she continued.

“Yeah, they’re just gonna try to send more slush funds to the reservations, and make them look like victims, and then make them keep voting Democrats,” Watters smiles.

Nohemi M. Moore