If the Native Americans reveal themselves, we gain AZ 02 and control of the American house

More than 145 Native American matriarchs work hard to ensure that every member of their extended family votes.

Northern Arizona has long been considered one of the most competitive districts in the nation, but this year it takes on added importance as Native Americans redouble their organizing efforts and the panicked GOP drops 900 Another $000 in the sprawling district.

The district includes many of Arizona’s tribes, but during redistricting it was joined to the Republican stronghold of Prescott. It gave the GOP a lot of hope at first, but a poor Trump-selected candidate, the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe, and a strong Native organizing effort have the race in a virtual tie.

We are buying 100 large signs to encourage Native American matriarchs to make sure all of their family members vote. We do this to support sister organizations that have teams on the ground working to train heads of households to bring their loved ones to the polls.

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Although the culture of the tribes varies, women often play a major role in leading the extended family. It is not uncommon for the matriarch to decide the vote of each member of the group. We don’t really need to ask aboriginal people to vote for our candidate Tom O’Halleran. If they vote, they will vote for Tom. In the Apache village of Cibecue, Democrats recently won 98% of the vote.

Nate Silver has the race leaning Republican from 49.6 to 50.4 percent. This helps explain the astonishing story of the cash-strapped Republican National Congressional Committee investing $900,000 in the district this week. Eight-tenths of a percent is certainly a gap that can be overcome with great fieldwork. There are nearly 20 full-time Democratic organizers in the Navajo Nation alone.

Although the district is very rural – covering an area the size of Illinois – $900,000 doesn’t buy that much television. The stations are in Phoenix, which is the 12e the largest television market in the country. Advertising time is very expensive and reaches an audience that is largely indifferent to this area. Plus, much of the Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation is actually in the Albuquerque TV market, so the $900,000 won’t do anything to reach those homes. And a third of Navajos have no electricity, further reducing the reach of television advertising.

Much of the Republican problem hinges on what Mitch McConnell called “candidate quality.” Eli Crane is a former SEAL, but he lives in Tucson, far from the neighborhood. He hasn’t shown much interest in visiting the district and can’t get past a few MAGA talking points. (In his defense, he improved the design of a bottle opener made from a used cartridge. You can buy one for $30.)

His only foray into politics did not go well. Before the Russian invasion, he said the United States should do nothing to help Ukraine. Putin is currently not very popular in Arizona.

Cook Political Report classifies the race as “likely Republican”, which means that if we win this seat, we should get an additional 45 contested seats that Cook considers more favorable to the Democrats.

In this distorted view of northern Arizona, Sedona’s Bell Rock is home to the famous Window Rock hole, while the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley rush to the sides. The green number would be used by television producers to drop the image of GOP nominee Eli Crane to make it look like he had visited the Northern District of Arizona. Crane lives in Tucson in southern Arizona.

I created this image to help Crane. If he uses it as a green screen background, he can stay in Tucson and pretend to be in northern Arizona. It has all the well-known characteristics of northern Arizona, but they’re a bit mixed up. It is based around Sedona’s Bell Rock and includes Window Rock as well as elements of Monument Valley and of course the Grand Canyon.

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Thank you for accompanying us throughout this long campaign.

Nohemi M. Moore