Native Americans aren’t offended by the Atlanta Braves

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said we should listen to Native Americans when it comes to renaming sports teams. But if we did, we wouldn’t be renaming any of them.

President Joe Biden hosted the Atlanta Braves to celebrate their 2021 World Series championship as his administration scolded them for their name. Asked about the team name and the Braves’ tomahawk chop celebration, Jean-Pierre said it was “important” to have a conversation about the team name change.

Biden “has always emphasized that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” Jean-Pierre said. “You often hear that from this president. The same is true here. And we should listen to Native Americans and Indigenous people who are most affected by this. »

Of course, if that were true, the Washington Redskins never would have had to change their name to something silly like “Commanders.” The Washington Post
found that 90% of Native Americans did not find the name offensive or did not think it was an insult, even though woke (mostly white) journalists and scholars claimed it was. Only 9% of Native Americans were offended by the name.

But the Redskins were renamed anyway, thanks to media and corporate pressure. The Cleveland Indians preemptively renamed themselves to avoid intimidation and pressure. And the Braves probably won’t be far behind, nor will the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks or Florida State Seminoles.

The teams were named after American Indians because of their bravery and nobility. Ironically, the liberal idea of ​​treating Native Americans with “dignity and respect” on this issue is to ignore them and completely erase them from our culture.

The Minnesota Vikings don’t offend the Scandinavians, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish don’t offend the Irish (only one loser to ESPN), and the Houston Texans don’t offend, well, the Texans – nor, like the polls have shown, do none of the team names that were deemed offensive by liberals actually offend Native Americans.

Maybe liberal journalists and the Biden administration should stop infantilizing Native Americans and start trying to enjoy sports like normal people.

Nohemi M. Moore