Native Americans close in on victory at Tipping Point House Race in Arizona

Part of the massive Get Out The Vote effort in Arizona’s pivotal CD-02 is a movement by Native matriarchs to ensure that all of their extended family members vote.

Navajo and Apache tribesmen are slowly but surely pushing the AZ-02 race closer to the Democratic column and toward a Democratic majority in the House.

Charlie Cook had called the race likely Republican, but relented on Wednesday and moved it to Republican. It’s sort of a leak indicator, because FiveThirtyEight has done it before. Nate Silver has Republican Eli Crane ahead of incumbent Tom O’Halleran by just four-tenths of a point. [Late Breaking: Nate moved it to dead even 50-50 this morning.]

The district has the largest native population in the United States, and native people are fighting to keep “their” member of Congress. O’Halleran has worked hard to secure funds to clean up the Navajo Nation’s abandoned uranium mines as well as to bring water and electricity to the third of Native homes that lack utilities. He has also made sure the tribes get the funding they need for better internet service. The tribes know that whatever challenges they face, and there are many of them, they have a representative in Washington who will work diligently to help them. Constituent services for off-reserve portions of the district are also very good.

One of the important parts of the campaign is an effort to enlist matriarchs to get their families to vote.

Elder women have a very important role to play in tribes and often a female leader decides the vote of an extended family. In Cibecue, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, Democrats won up to 98 percent of the vote. Even with this lopsided result, residents wanted to know why their percentage was not higher.

Here is a link to the Matriarchs program. Family votes

With the help of DailyKos supporters, we were able to purchase 100 of these 4′ x 6′ signs to place on reservations in Arizona. They should be here next week.

We have 100 of these 4′ X 6′ foot signs made to order to place on reservations in Arizona.

We then work on an $8,000 radio buy to secure voter registration, early voting, and broadcast voting information on Navajo radio station KTNN. The reservation is the size of West Virginia, with much of it in Arizona’s second congressional district. KTNN has towers all over the vast area and radio is the best way to reach people.

Congressman Tom O’Halleran speaks with Robert Miguel, Chairman of the Ak-Chin Indian Community, before the White Mountain Apache Parade in Whiteriver earlier this month.

If you can help us with this project, please give ActBlue . Or you can mail a check to Arizona Deserves Better, c/o Eric Kramer, 1910 Douglas Fir Dr., Pinetop, AZ 85935

We will also try to air these spots on other tribes’ radio stations. They mostly have public radio stations, so there is rarely a cost to broadcast non-partisan news.

Crane hurts himself as he becomes better known. Living in Tucson, far from the neighborhood, he did little to introduce himself to the neighborhood. He spoke out against support for Ukraine, aligning himself with the pro-Putin faction within Q-Anon.

Crane does not attract the attention of Senate candidate Blake Masters who has improved his name a little by speaking out in favor of beheading the US military. He wants to fire all the generals and promote colonels loyal to Trump. I haven’t heard what he wants to do with the admirals. Maybe no one told him that the United States had a navy.

Eli is not coming. FiveThirtyEight shows the race for AZ-02 going from a substantial GOP lead to even death.

In the state offices, things are starting to go well. If we can get Katie Hobbs across the finish line before the bizarre Lake Kari, Democrats could sweep every office in the state for the first time since dinosaurs began roaming the swamps of the Petrified Forest. .

We need to make Democrats remember to vote for two candidates for the Corporation Commission. I don’t know why “Vote For Two” seems like such a difficult concept.

A bit more Recent news. First reported here on DailyKos. Democrats now have a better chance of winning the House than Republicans of winning the Senate, according to FiveThirtyEight. Nate now gives Democrats a 31% chance of winning the House, and the GOP’s chances in the Senate have fallen to 29%. I don’t know if those numbers are hugely significant, but it’s been fun to see the constant movement in our favor. Hopefully we’ll be at 33% soon and then quickly move up to 50%.

We’re still trying to figure out why our voting rights initiative didn’t pass and what we should do next. We had 475,000 signatures and needed 238,000. We are meeting with the lawyers to try to get a better explanation. This may be because some circulators did not put their apartment number on a form. We will keep you informed.

If you would like to help us buy radio time, please donate to ActBlue .

Nohemi M. Moore